Hello ! My name is Shimyah Aird.

I am a fourteen-year-old (14yr) citizen of Grenada. I previously attended the St. Andrew’s Methodist School (S.A.M.S). Currently I’m on my third (3rd) year of study at the St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School, commonly known as S.A.A.S.S. Apart from school, I also attend the Richmond Seventh Day Adventist Church.

SSome things I enjoy doing is cooking, baking, going to the river and surfing the internet. I also enjoy learning about the human autonomy and chemical reactions.

 Furthermore, I really love eating. I believe in equality among persons of different races and gender. I stand for justice and peace, depending on the type of situation that may arise where drastic measures are needed. We should treat everyone with love, respect and care tenderly towards each other no matter our differences. I encourage people to promote body positivity and uplift others. We human also need to take into consideration our environment by learning how to sustain our surroundings and every living creature that resides in it.