My years in GRENED allowed me to develop into the person I am today. GRENED has taught me so many things that I now use in my everyday life.  As a young teenager growing up I was afraid to do  so many things but because of GRENED I am able to do Public speaking, take up leadership roles, engage with other people and even encouraging others.  This was clearly seen during my training period at the Royal Grenada Police Force Fire Department.

I was captain of the Volleyball team at the St. Joseph’s Convent Grenville for 3 years, a floor member of the St. Andrew’s North East Constituency Youth Arm, and now I capitalize on various opportunities to speak to large or small audiences and engage in small conversation with new people. The public speaking trainings from GRENED allowed me to become a more influential person. Financial support was also given and it helped immensely during my Secondary education where I obtained 9 CXC subjects and at the T.A Marryshow Community College where I obtained a Level 2 Certificate in General Office Administration.