Students at the Leadership Session

On February 25th our 2nd leadership session was held at our office in Grenville, facilitated by Ms. Vall Gordon. In preparing students to be leaders of the future, a task was given to them where they were responsible for developing a business project of their own that will benefit the environment and has some economic value. After developing this project plan, it will be presented to the public to get their feedback on the idea. The students were divided into two groups A&B, to conduct this activity, which is aimed at developing their thinking skills, problem solving and public speaking skills.
Group A developed their project plan for a natural restaurant that is located on the coast of Grenville, where they can utilize the sea breeze for natural ventilation and cooling. The use of renewable energy such as solar and wind were also priority to reduce the levels of Carbon Dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. In terms of structure, the restaurant will be made out of bamboo, including seats, tables, spoons and other utensils. This design adds to the overall natural aesthetic features of the restaurant to attract tourist to the countryside area of Grenada for a tropical experience that will encourage another visit. 
An outdoor patio with seats and tables, shaded by umbrellas made out of palm branches, and ground covered in nutmeg shells that add the fragrance of spice in the atmosphere were also included in this project design.

Group B developed a similar project plan that focused on the construction of a bar that is also located on the coast with a jetty that leads to a restaurant. The aim is to be all natural as well to benefit the environment while bringing in income.

After designing their project plan each group went out into the town to present their plan to the public, in which the majority think it was a good idea and ask for the date that the project will be implemented. The feedbacks from the public were then communicated to the facilitator by each group.