I am 17 years old Dellisha Francois, from Mount Horne Saint Andrew. I last attended the Saint Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School and is currently finishing my degree in Information Technology at the T.A Marryshow Community College. Apart from going to college, i play cricket which has been a significant part of my life since i was a child.

Cricket is a sport that inspires and motivates me to keep learning and improving my skills, that is why I’ve considered it more than just a hobby. As I grew older, my love for the game grew stronger, and I started to consider pursuing a future in Cricket. I have been putting in a lot of hard work and dedication, and joined a local cricket club to improve my game further. As an athlete, representing my country is one of the highest honors. I was given the opportunity to do so from 8th – 15th of April at a prestigious sports event. 

However, my aspirations are not solely driven by my love for sports, but also to see my parents happy and proud of me. They have always supported me in pursuing my dream and have made many sacrifices along the way. I am grateful for the experiences and opportunities that being a GRENED student has provided me, and i am confident that with the right training and support, i can make it happen.