Meet Melonie Ottley. A very enthusiastic, curious and mysterious teenager. Melonie enjoys drawing, fashion, mysteries and being active in sports. Her favorite sport so far is Volleyball which she performs outstandingly well in. She is interested in learning foreign languages such as Korean, Japanese and Chinese and their culture.
Her dream is to pursue a career in the field of science, mainly Archeological or Astronomy. Given the opportunity to bring about change in society, she will like to eradicate teenage pregnancy and create more community support groups and activities that will engage young persons. She has already begun exercising her leadership in school by assisting in the correction of students’ papers, invigilating classrooms during exams and other activities; she assists in her youth group at church and enjoys taking care of her siblings at home in the absent of her single parent mother. Melonie hopes to create a foundation that will assist children with brain tumors or where an opportunity to pay it forward