Dangers & Abuse

January 28th 2023

Grened’s first leadership session of 2023 commenced on Saturday January 28th, facilitated by Ms Vall Gordon. A total of 18 students were in attendance of this session, which focused on Danger and the three main types of responses that are usually applied in situations that will be considered as dangerous. These main responses are flight, fight and freeze which are apart of our ability to protect ourselves. The students were separated into 3 groups and task with identifying different scenarios that will initiate one of these responses, and to create a skit on the various types of abuse via random selection.

Group 1 selected verbal abuse, in which their setting was in a school with a teacher who is verbally abusing the students in her classroom. A witness who saw the abuse went and reported this incident to the principal, who came to address the situation. Group 1 showed compassion for both parties involved, the abuser which is the teacher and Abusee which are the students, by addressing the teacher on her behavior and consoling and encouraging the students after the abusive encounter to evaluate their state of mind. 

Group 2 did their skit on physical abuse in which the setting also took place on a school compound. They highlighted a fight between two students, which was being encouraged by other students cheering them on. The fight was resolved when the principal caught them in the act and sent them to the counselor, which was revealed that one of the fighters is going through personal issued at home. An apology was made by both fighters and cheerleaders of the fight.

 Group 3 did their skit on sexual abuse with a narrative piece done by one of the group members, which tells the story of a student who was influence by an online predatory to take nudes and send it to them. But with these pictures in the predator possession, they requested a large sum of money from the students, if he refused to do so, the pictures will be shared on social media for the public view. The student, realizing the mistake reported the situation to his family, who contacted the relevant authorities to resolve the issue.

After each group presented, the facilitator took some time to speak to the students about these abuse that happens in our society. They were encouraged to stand up against abuse and reach out to someone who will be able to assist them if they are experiencing any type of abuse. She made herself available and shared her contact to the students who may need it.