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GRENED’s ANNIVERSARY/Fundraising Celebration

Francine Guerra-Powers


Welcome to Our New Mentor’s Volunteer!!!

Mrs. Francine Guerra-Powers, former owner of a Catering and Event-Planning business in Miami, Florida, USA, is the new volunteer head of GRENED’s Mentorship Programme.

As coordinator, Mrs. Guerra-Powers will help to recruit mentors. She will be responsible for attaching each of GRENED’s 37 scholarship holders to an adult (over 18 years old), who will support the student in her/his development. Also, she will match, monitor, encourage, report concerns, help to celebrate students and submit a report at the end of the year.

The support offered by the mentor should be to encourage the student’s overall development. Student and mentor are encouraged to meet monthly, with full knowledge and support from parents and or guardians. Mrs. Guerra-Powers is currently a mentor to a student.

Join us in saying thank you and welcome to our new volunteer.

About Us

The Grenada Education and Development Programme is dedicated to youth empowerment, leadership and sustainable development. GRENED works to promote sustainable economic and social development by producing educated, socially engaged citizens and leaders, with an emphasis on the youth.

Our Appeal

Volunteer – administrative support, mentoring, programme planner, event coordinator

Donate – to finance the scholarship programme, student training and events, web presence and our office administration team

Inform Others – tell others of our existence and encourage them to participate and contribute


To work with the youth in rural communities, using education as a catalyst for individual and communal empowerment, leadership and transformation.


To provide Grenada with educational opportunities and resources to achieve economic self-determination, social equality and poverty reduction

Student’s Testimonials

See what our clients have to say about us.

Charmaine Joseph

Medical Student

The Grenada Education and Development Program (GRENED) never stopped showing up and showing out. Whether it was by organizing and executing the interesting Summer Science Projects, Public Speaking Sessions, Goal Setting Seminars or just simply having fund raisers, it was always an enjoyable time learning new things, growing as an individual and having mentors who truly cared about my personal, academic, financial and emotional well-being.

Jalil Stephens


I I would just like to express my gratitude towards the entirety of GRENED for assistance with school, the informative sessions we had on Saturdays and also the fun activities we were engaged in, which all aided in my holistic development. Even throughout the pandemic you all continued to provide support and for that I thank you. As I pursue a career in electrical engineering, I am surely grateful for their generosity.

Mark Brown


GRENED scholarship programme provided me with the necessary resources to make my educational journey comfortable, my family never had to worry about books, uniform, bags, etc, and that in itself is sufficient for any scholarship programme.The organization not only invested in my formal education but in my overall development as an individual. The doors were open to me on a daily basis, the computers were available for me to use, as a matter of fact, I did the majority of my student-based assessment, SBAs, at the then GRENED office in Telescope.