Deshonte Thomas

Deshonte Thomas In his former years he attended the Paraclete Government School.  He was a former student of the Grenville Secondary School. Currently, he is a first (1st) year student…Continue readingDeshonte Thomas

Ashida Thomas

Meet seventeen (17) year old Ashida Thomas, from La Fillette, St. Andrew.  Ashida was a past student of St. Mary’s Catholic School.  During her time there, she was an active…Continue readingAshida Thomas

Mika Bethel

Mika Bethel Cheerful, Talented, Artistic and Loving are just a few words to describe this eleven-year-old aspiring Artist from the tiny island of Petite Martinique where she lives with her…Continue readingMika Bethel

Charmaine Joseph

          My name is Charmaine Joseph I live with my mother, father and three brothers in a beautiful village, near the seashore, called Telescope. I am a fifth form student…Continue readingCharmaine Joseph

Melonie Ottley

Meet Melonie Ottley. A very enthusiastic, curious and mysterious teenager. Melonie enjoys drawing, fashion, mysteries and being active in sports. Her favorite sport so far is Volleyball which she performs…Continue readingMelonie Ottley

Jaycille Henry

My name is Jaycille Henry also known as “Jazzy”. There are many things that you don’t know about me. I am a deep thinker who alalyze things. I also like…Continue readingJaycille Henry

Shimyah Aired

 Hello ! My name is Shimyah Aird. I am a fourteen-year-old (14yr) citizen of Grenada. I previously attended the St. Andrew’s Methodist School (S.A.M.S). Currently I’m on my third (3rd) year…Continue readingShimyah Aired

Jasmine Lewis

Jasmine Lewis is a 4th form student of the St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School.  She lives with her mother in the community of Mt. Horne, St. Andrew’s, Grenada.  Jasmine came…Continue readingJasmine Lewis

Calvin Persaud

My name is Calvin Persaud. I am 13 years old and live at Morne longue, St. Andrew’s. I am presently a student of Presentation Brothers College and in form 2.…Continue readingCalvin Persaud

Camron Blache

I am Camron Blache, a fourth form student of the St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School (SAASS). Presently I am studying eleven subjects. At the end of last term, I had…Continue readingCamron Blache

Joanalie Lalite

Meet Joanalie Kerina Lalite, from Dunfermline, St. Andrew with her dad. She is fifteen (15) years of age and attends the St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School (SAASS). Joanalie is determined…Continue readingJoanalie Lalite

Javida Williams

My name is Javida Williams.I am twelve years old and currently attending the St. Joseph Convent Grenville. I am a part of Girls Guides Association and interested in joining many…Continue readingJavida Williams

Ziva Nedd

My name is Ziva Nedd. I am a past pupil of the St.Andrew’s Methodist School. I am currently attending St.Joseph Convent St.George. I enjoy singing and eating. I hope to…Continue readingZiva Nedd

Richard Alejandro Lopez Alexander

Meet Richard Alejandro Lopez Alexander.  He is a 13-year-old form two (2) student of the Grenville Secondary School.   Richard’s favourite subject is Mathematics and uses it throughout the day.  His…Continue readingRichard Alejandro Lopez Alexander

Zariel Thomas

Meet Zariel Thomas She is 11 years old and live in Balthazar, St. Andrew with her father, mother and four siblings. She is the 3rd of 5 children. Zariel is…Continue readingZariel Thomas

Dellisha Francois

I am 17 years old Dellisha Francois, from Mount Horne Saint Andrew. I last attended the Saint Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School and is currently finishing my degree in Information Technology…Continue readingDellisha Francois

About us       

The Grenada Education and Development Programme is dedicated to youth empowerment, leadership and sustainable development. GRENED works to promote sustainable economic and social development by producing educated, socially engaged citiens and leaders, with an emphasis on the youth.


Our Appeal

Volunteer – administrative support, mentoring, programme planner, event coordinator

Donate – to finance the scholarship programme, student training and events, web presence and our office administration team

Inform Others – tell others of our existence and encourage them to participate and contribute


To work with the youth in rural communities, using education as a catalyst for individual and communal empowerment, leadership and transformation.


To provide Grenada with educational opportunities and resources to achieve economic self-determination, social equality and poverty reduction.